Life on Board our luxury charter motor yacht

Life on board is pretty relaxed. You have exclusive use of the boat so there won't be any other paying guests. You can do as much or as little as you want. If you fancy breakfast at midday then so be it, if you want to get off early to go and explore once again you're the boss.

Whilst there is a crew on board to look after you if you want to grab a drink from the cocktail cabinet or a coke from the fridge please feel free to help yourself. We pride ourselves on the discretion shown to guests allowing them to enjoy their time with us in an informal manner.

Prior to boarding you will have discussed a provisional itinerary either via email or by phone. Once comfortable and with a drink in hand the skipper will confirm plans for your trip. Where you want to stay overnight, any day trips you want to take and so on.

There will be a tour of the boat during which time any safety issues will be discussed together with any things you need to know about the boats systems.

Once your cruise is underway feel free to use the boat as though it were your own. Your skipper can provide a motorised tender service ashore on the few occasions when walk ashore is unavailable and this will be an on demand service when ever you want. Subject to ability the tender can be made available for solo use

You can choose to stay in port all day and wander around or you can opt to go out on the boat during the day returning to port later in the afternoon. Your skipper is happy to recommend things to do and also assist in booking restaurants.

With overnight charters cabins are cleaned and made up daily, bathrooms cleaned and so on. In general crew involvement is quite low key but we are led by you. If you want to involve the crew more that's fine, similarly if you would rather be left alone that is no problem at all. Be aware that the size of the boat means there will be some crew contact throughout your charter.

As well as activities ashore there are many ways to spend time on board your luxury motor yacht. A good book, a DVD from the boats library, how about popcorn to go with the film? There is always a fishing rod available if you fancy trying your luck and we also have crabbing nets on board for the children or kids at heart.

We have a lovely fresh coffee machine on board and the crew can whip you up a Latte, Americano, or Espresso on demand. Finally the boat has its own wi-fi hotspot which you are free to use. This is 3G based and dependent on mobile phone signal.

Covid-19 Coronavirus Notice
Whilst still early in the season we are currently not operating charters on the basis of government recommendations. We are taking bookings from May onwards (subject to review) on the basis that full refunds will be given if we are still not operational at the time of your charter.

Feel free to call us on 07525 622268 with any questions you might have.